David R. Heffernan, Renowned Trial Attorney, Adds Certified Mediator Services to Distinguished Career

David R. Heffernan, a seasoned trial lawyer with over three decades of experience in representing both plaintiffs and defendants, has expanded his legal services to include Circuit Civil Court certified mediation.  This new offering complements David R. Heffernan’s extensive trial practice, providing clients with a comprehensive range of dispute resolution options.

Having successfully navigated the intricacies of trial law for over 30 years, David R. Heffernan, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field of mediation.  His choice to become a Circuit Court certified mediator reflects a commitment to offering alternative dispute resolution strategies while maintaining the high standards of legal advocacy for which he is known.

With a track record of delivering favorable outcomes for clients in a wide array of cases, David R. Heffernan is now leveraging his expertise legal background to help parties find common ground and resolve disputes amicably through mediation.

How can a certified mediator help resolve my legal conflict?

As a Circuit Court certified mediator, David R. Heffernan will facilitate communication and negotiation between parties, working towards mutually beneficial agreements.  This alternative approach to conflict resolution allows clients to explore solutions outside the courtroom, often saving time and resources while fostering a more collaborative environment.

Why did you choose to become a circuit court certified mediator?

“Having represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants over the last three decades, it seemed like a natural progression of my litigation experience to become a Certified Circuit Court Mediator.  I am continuing to aggressively pursue my trial practice and represent those who have been injured through the fault of others, but to now add the ability to help those who are mired in litigation, work out an acceptable agreement on their own terms, is an excellent opportunity”. 

David R. Heffernan

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Mediation Services Frequently Asked Questions

What courts / parts of the country do you provide mediation legal services for?

I offer mediation services anywhere in Florida.

What is the difference between a mediator and a circuit court certified mediator?

To become certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Court certified mediator, you have to take a rigorous training course approved by the Florida Supreme Court as well as earn required practical experience under the tutelage of a Circuit certified mediator.

What happens if mediation does not work, or an agreement cannot be reached?

If you are already in litigation and you are unable to resolve your claim at mediation, the mediator files a simple Notice of Impasse with the Court and the litigation continues on to trial. Everything said during mediation remains confidential and cannot be used in the litigation. If you are in mediation before any lawsuit is filed and you are unable to resolve your claim, you would have to decide if you want to file a lawsuit and pursue your claims through litigation.

Is mediation less expensive than going to court?

Yes, it can be significantly less. If early in the litigation, experts, which can be extremely may not have been retained or deposed yet. As the case continues through trial the out of pocket expenss increase exponentially. Also even if you prevail at trial, the other side may appeal that verdict, resulting in significantly more time and expense. If an agreement is reached at mediation, it is a certainty. The case ends and no further time or expense is involved.