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Erb’s palsy is a condition of partial or complete paralyzation of the arm caused by damage to the shoulder nerves. It occurs when the nerves connecting the shoulder to the spine, the brachial plexus, are damaged. Erb’s palsy can also result in shoulder pain without paralysis, depending on the extent of the damage caused by the injury. If the injury was caused by another individual, you may be entitled to compensation.

Erb’s Palsy Causes

The most common cause of Erb’s palsy is negligence during a difficult birth. Other causes of Erb’s palsy include slip-and-fall accidents, motor vehicle accidents, gunshots and other violent actions affecting the arms.

Brachial Plexus Injury

Approximately one or two babies per every thousand births suffer a brachial nerve injury. A doctor may be held liable for the resulting Erb’s palsy after childbirth if he or she does not recommend a cesarean section birth or if he or she mishandled the infant during a difficult delivery.

Some difficult births, including breech births, misalignment, prolonged labor or problems pushing naturally, require doctors to use extraction methods such as vacuums or forceps. Doctors are trained in using these tools and should be able to identify the appropriate times to use them. Erb’s palsy can result from the improper use of these tools, damaging the nerves in the neck, shoulders and arms. At other times, during complicated deliveries, doctors may become nervous that serious brain damage may occur due to the lack of oxygen and may rush the childbirth by pulling with too much pressure. This is another common cause of Erb’s palsy.

Establishing Who Is At Fault

Medical professionals are required to familiarize themselves with the risks associated with childbirth. If these professionals fail to meet this standard of care and a child is injured as a result, the doctor and/or hospital may be liable for damages.


If you suspect that your baby was injured during delivery or pre-delivery care, then your child may be entitled to compensation. There are several factors that will determine what type of compensation, if any, you are entitled to. After this injury occurs, your child may need special schooling, medical treatment and other ongoing care. Compensation can enable you to access the best resources you will need in order to help your child.

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