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Being injured in an accident may result in significant changes in your life. The obvious consequence of having to recover from the injury is just one example. You may also have to deal with months or years of rehabilitation, lost wages due to missed work, personal property damage, disruption of your daily routine, pain and suffering, and so on.

It’s the sum of all these elements that we at the law firm of Kaire & Heffernan, PLLC, will consider while determining how much compensation to pursue in a personal injury claim. We have created a personal injury settlement calculator to help give you an idea of how much your personal injury claims might be worth. The following are some factors that our damages calculator takes into account.

Medical Expenses

To get a sense of the value of your personal injury case, you must ask yourself what medical bills and other expenses you have incurred as a result of the accident. These can include ambulance fees, hospital fees, doctor visits bills, physical therapy costs, prescription medicine costs and more.

The value of these damages is often straightforward. It begins with you keeping all the bills and receipts related to your accident together. After gathering and tallying up all your bills and medical costs, you can come up with the present value of your medical expenditures.

Property Damage

The most frequent type of property damage claim is vehicle damage incurred as a result of a car accident, and this can be determined on our car accident settlement calculator.

If you were in an accident and any personal property was harmed as a result, then you can claim the cost of repair or the item’s value (if it was damaged beyond repair) in your property damage claim.

Lost Wages

Lost wages or lost income is the amount of money that a person missed out on because they had to take time off work in order to heal from injuries. To determine these damages on a personal injury calculator, simply multiply your daily wage by the total number of days you were absent from work. The court might take the average number of hours multiplied by the number of days and the hourly rate if the individual works a variable number of hours each week.

Future Lost Income

Calculating the loss of future earnings potential can be a time-consuming and complicated procedure that often necessitates the input of several specialists in financial and legal analysis.

In addition to analyzing the plaintiff’s earnings, experts on both sides will look at the plaintiff’s career path and other factors in order to calculate future income potential. Medical professionals will also be consulted to see how long the victim will be unable to work before determining future lost income.

Estimated Future Medical Expenses

If you require ongoing medical treatment for your injuries, it’s crucial to calculate how much it will cost. If, for example, the victim of a vehicle accident has a traumatic brain injury (TBI), then the effects of that injury may last for months, for years or even indefinitely.

It is therefore critical that you consult with a personal injury lawyer if you have been injured in an accident; they will collaborate with your doctor to assess how long the injury might continue to require medical attention.

Adding up all these possible damages will produce your personal injury settlement value. You can use this figure to determine whether it would be worth it to pursue a claim or to determine whether a settlement offer from an insurance company is fair. Having an estimated settlement value is helpful when both negotiating and building a case.

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