Miami Rollover Accident Attorneys

Of all the roadways in Miami, Krome Avenue seems to be a real hot spot for motor vehicle accidents of all types, including rollover accidents. This type of accident can be the result of a number of situations. For example, a T-bone collision at an intersection can knock a vehicle onto its side. A sideswipe impact that runs a car off the road can cause it to flip. However they occur, rollover accidents can cause some of the most catastrophic injuries of any type of car accident.

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Thorough Investigation Of Every Accident

We personally ensure that all evidence is gathered and all witnesses are interviewed to determine the cause of the rollover accident and our client’s injuries.

Brain damage and crushing head injuries can result if the roof of the vehicle caves in during a rollover. If a passenger or driver is not wearing a seat belt at the time of the roll, then they might get ejected from the vehicle when it rolls, which can cause broken bones, spinal cord injury, paralysis or quadriplegia.

We help our injured clients access medical experts who can help them get accurate diagnoses and the right kind of therapy to reach maximum physical recovery. Some people will never achieve full physical recovery and will need ongoing medical care or help with daily life tasks. If that happens, then we will fight to make sure the compensation that our clients receive covers those costs today and into the future.

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