Attorneys Fighting For Victims Of Water-Related Accidents In Miami

Florida has 1,350 miles of coastline – more than any other state except for Alaska. Spending time on and in the ocean is a way of life here. Unfortunately, these activities are not without danger. Every year, countless Floridians and visiting tourists are seriously injured or killed in water-related accidents. In many cases, these accidents were preventable and caused by negligence.

At Kaire & Heffernan, PLLC, we advocate for injury victims and their families, including those involved in serious or fatal water-related accidents. Our firm has been in operation in the Miami area for over 25 years. We know how to thoroughly investigate these cases, identify all responsible parties and help our clients seek maximum compensation. We want to help you, too.

Ready To Handle A Wide Variety Of Accident Scenarios

Our attorneys can represent you in personal injury or wrongful death claims stemming from:

Boating and watercraft accidents: These are often caused by other boat operators who are inexperienced, speeding, impaired by alcohol or otherwise behaving recklessly. Boating accidents are surprisingly common in Florida, and they are sometimes deadly.

Cruise ship accidents and injuries: These vessels are like small cities floating on the water, and the possibilities for cruise ship injuries are nearly endless. Cruise lines try to shield themselves from liability by adding complex contract language in the fine print of your ticket. Nonetheless, you still have rights, and we will help you protect them.

Parasailing accidents: Highly popular among tourists, parasailing is only as safe as the companies that offer the experience. Businesses might try to save money by buying substandard equipment or maximize profits by continuing to operate in dangerous weather conditions, leading to parasailing accidents and injuries.

Scuba diving accidents: This is another industry that caters to tourists. Scuba companies have a serious responsibility to ensure that would-be divers are medically fit to participate and to properly equip, supervise and instruct divers in their care. Most of the hundreds of scuba accidents that happen in Florida each year are preventable.

Swimming pool accidents: Liability for a swimming pool injury or accident often rests with the pool owner and/or manager, which could be a hotel, a local facility or a homeowner. Sadly, children are common victims of pool accidents.

When you work with our firm, your case will be personally overseen by one of our two experienced and accomplished attorneys. You’ll never be handed off to a junior associate. We also take all cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we don’t collect any legal fees until we help you recover compensation.

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