Miami Amputation Lawsuit Attorneys

Tragically, car accidents or injury from falling objects can cause serious injuries resulting in amputation of a limb. Some common causes of injury leading to amputation include: being injured by heavy machinery, motor vehicle collisions, or having a limb crushed by a heavy object. An amputation lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injury.

Amputation of Limb

Losing a limb in an amputation can be a devastating event that inevitably changes your entire life. Normal daily activities such as walking, writing, playing sports, or taking care of oneself can become difficult or even impossible. Medical treatments and surgeries entail significant time away from work, and often the person is no longer able to fulfill his or her job duties. The result is considerable lost wages and difficulty finding a new job, which can often lead to financial hardship for the individual and for the entire family. In addition, the cost of medical treatment for an amputation injury is extremely high, and often expensive equipment, physical therapy, prosthetics, and multiple surgeries are necessary. Lastly, the injured person often must go through the pain and suffering from the initial accident itself, as well as the emotional ordeal of dealing with life and having to learn basic life skills all over again.

Amputation Lawyers

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