Miami Pulmonary Embolism Attorneys

Pulmonary embolisms occur when blood is allowed to pool for too long, forming a clot. The clot travels through the circulatory system and lodges in the lungs, blocking the flow of oxygen. It can cause lasting damage – or kill its victim instantly.

Doctors know – or, at least, they should know – which patients are most at risk for pulmonary embolisms. If they fail to take proper preventive measures and their patient dies as a result, then their oversight may be considered malpractice.

Failure To Diagnose

In one recent case, we are bringing a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the family of a man who died needlessly because of a pulmonary embolism. He underwent a radical ankle procedure that resulted in a prolonged period of immobility. He began to gain weight and was non-weight bearing. These two factors can lead to the “blood-pooling” effect that causes pulmonary embolisms. The doctor should have recognized this and put our client on a healthy dose of anticoagulant medication – but he didn’t.

Compounding the situation was the doctor’s failure to diagnose the pulmonary embolism once it began to take effect. When the patient’s family hired us, we did not hesitate to hold the doctor accountable.

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