Injured Orlando Police Officer’s Wife Sues for Negligence

On Behalf of | May 6, 2019 | Car Accidents

An Orlando Police Officer was brutally shot while responding
to a call at an apartment complex. His wife is now suing the estate of the
gunman as well as the owner of the apartment complex where the shooting took
place, claiming this never would have occurred had proper security
measures been in place

The lawsuit states that the Complex and Apartment Owner
should not have allowed the gunman to reside in the building due to his
extensive criminal history.

When the cops came to respond to a domestic dispute call,
the gunman shot through the door and hit the policer officer in the head. There
was a 21-hour standoff after the shooting, while the gunman hid in his
apartment. When the cops finally breached the apartment the next day, they
found the gunman and four children dead.

The Police Officer remains in a coma.

The law suit describes the gunman as a “violent career
criminal with multiple arrests and/or convictions for violent crimes.” At the
time of the shooting, the gunman was on probation from a case where he was
accused of domestic battery, arson and fleeing from law enforcement. The suit
claims the companies and owner were negligent by failing to take proper
precautions to protect people on the property from the dangers of this gunman,
which were reasonably foreseeable given his past record and current probation.
The companies and owners should have run a proper background check, which would
have shown the gunman as a unreasonable and dangerous rick to tenants, tenant’s
guests and others at the apartment complex.

Not only did the companies fail to run a criminal background
check and they also did not provide working keys to the apartment, causing the
Police Officer to have to attempt to knock the door down, putting him in the
direct line of fire of the gunman that night.

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