What should you do after a semi-truck accident?

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

No one gets in their car to go to work, drop their kids off at school or run errands with the expectation of a crash occurring. Any significant motor vehicle collision that unfolds will likely be a shock. As a result, people frequently do not know how to respond, especially when a collision is quite severe.

Semi-truck collisions can be among the worst crashes that may occur, and they can leave people completely confused about what steps to take next. Keeping these tips in mind can help in case you’re ever involved in one.

Document the scene of the crash

It is very common for those at fault for a collision to deny their personal responsibility for the situation. Although the semi-truck driver may not necessarily be an aggressive or manipulative person, the trucking company that employs them or the insurance company providing the commercial coverage on the vehicle will likely try to deny responsibility if possible. Therefore, having evidence to show exactly what happened before and during a crash can help someone prove who is to blame for the wreck. Taking photographs and video of a crash site and reporting the matter to law enforcement as soon as possible will be smart moves.

Seek a medical evaluation

Any collision could cause major injuries, but semi-truck collisions are notorious for causing some of the worst injuries possible. Often, they will be so extreme that there is no way to ignore the after-effects, but some injuries take time to fully affect someone. People with stable fractures, incomplete spinal cord injuries, internal bleeding or traumatic brain injuries might not realize the extent of the damage the crash has caused until well after the collision.

Therefore, even when there aren’t immediately alarming signs of injury, people will likely need to see a medical professional to rule out the possibility of these life-altering medical challenges. The sooner someone has a proper diagnosis, the better their likely chances of recovery. Additionally, they will have an easier time requesting compensation for their injuries.

Discuss the matter with a legal professional

Some people try to handle basic car insurance claims on their own, but that is likely not the best approach for someone involved in a semi-truck collision. The amount of insurance coverage available and the extent of someone’s losses likely necessitate professional assistance. They will need help negotiating with the insurance company and possibly even determining what the long-term impact of the crash will truly be.

With the right help, people have a better chance of making a full physical and financial recovery following a crash caused by a semi-truck. Seeking medical attention and legal guidance can help injury victims to better understand what steps to take after a wreck caused by an 18-wheeler to more effectively protect themselves.