Negligent Security Case Against Fast Food Franchise Will Result in Very Interesting Discovery

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2012 | Medical Malpractice

As a Miami Personal Injury lawyer, I have the honor of representing a client who was shot and rendered a parapalegic while working for a fast food franchise. Paraplegia paralysis means that the paralysis is in the lower body and legs, while quadriplegia paralysis refers to paralysis in the entire area below the neck. Individuals with spinal cord injuries often never fully recover and need special assistance for the rest of their lives. We are hopeful that our client will benefit from intensive physical therapy and become more self sufficient with proper training and rehabilitation. Nonetheless, a spinal cord injury can change someones life in an instant.

We recently settled the case against several defendant’s involved in the case, but the Franchisor, who shall remain nameless, is still in the case.

We secured a copy of the operations manual for this franchise, and could not believe the lack of information provided to franchisees and their employees regarding security. I am looking forward to taking the depositions of the corporate representatives, and hopeful that in the future this franchise will place a greater priority on safety and less of a priority on profits.

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