Miami’s Most Violent Neighborhoods and Other Hot Spots

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While Miami is by no means the most dangerous city in the U.S., it’s far from the safest. In 2015 Miami was rated one of the top 20 most dangerous cities in the country. Unfortunately, Miami probably won’t be leaving the top 20 anytime in the near future. Last year Miami-Dade county police reported thousands of violent crime occurrences. In total, 1,874 counts of aggravated assault, 764 counts of aggravated battery, 322 counts of Domestic Assault, 86 counts of homicide, 1,531 counts of robbery, and 493 counts of sexual assault occurred within county limits last year.

Crime Patterns

While crime was dispersed throughout Miami-Dade County, many crime incidences accumulated within certain areas of the city. Gladeview, Goulds, and Country Club, FL all contained significant pockets of crime. Drilling further down, a few streets within Miami-Dade County appear to be more prone to criminal activity than others.

The Most Dangerous Streets In Miami

  • NW 27th Avenue
  • NW 41st Street
  • NW 79th Street

NW 27th Avenue | 92 Violent Crimes

A long swath of NW 27th Avenue saw a number of violent crimes. From the Airport Expressway north through 98th Street, police reported multiple violent incidents at various intersections along NW 27th, including 23 robberies and 20 incidents of aggravated assault or battery.

Police also reported a number of violent incidents at specific addresses along NW 27th Avenue. For example, six cases of aggravated assault and one homicide were reported at 2260 NW 27th Ave., which is listed as the site of the River Park Trailer Court.

NW 41st Street | 73 Violent Crimes

Directly behind NW 27th Street was NW 41st Street with 73 recorded violent crimes. 41st Street stretches from NW 37th Avenue to NE 2nd Avenue, but a majority of the crimes occurred in the Brownsville Neighborhood.

NW 79th Street | 67 Violent Crimes

A total of 67 violent crimes occurred across the stretch of NW 79th St. Much like 41st Street, 79th street stretches across a large portion of Miami. Most of the crimes occurred between NW 32nd Avenue and NW 10th Avenue.

The Most Dangerous Locations In Miami

  • Cutler Manor Apartments
  • USA Flea Market
  • The Village Flea Market & Mall

Cutler Manor Apartments | 19 Violent Crimes

10875 SW 216 St located within the Cutler Manor Apartments was the site of  19 violent crimes.

A total of three counts of aggravated battery, ten counts of aggravated assault, two counts of robbery, four counts of domestic assault/battery occurred at that one address in 2016.

USA Flea Market | 11 Violent Crimes

Police Reported 11 violent crimes at the USA Flea Market on 3015 NW 79th Street. In total, there were four instances of aggravated assault and seven instances of robbery in 2016.

The Village Flea Market & Mall | 10 Violent Crimes

Yet another Flea Market made the list. The Village Flea Market & Mall at 7900 NW 27th Ave. was the location of six incidents of aggravated assault and four robberies for the year.

Other locations with high numbers of reported violent crimes against persons included:

  • The Metro West Detention Center, at 13850 NW 41st St., had 22 reports of aggravated assault and aggravated battery.
  • The intersection near St. Ann Mission, at SW 139th Ave & SW 264th St., was the site of 9 violent incident reports, including seven cases of aggravated assault and two robberies.
  • The Publix at 250 NE 183 St. was the site of eight reported violent incidents, including one robbery and seven cases of aggravated assault.

Business Owners Beware

Businesses near any of the aforementioned  streets, locations, or areas should take additional safety precautions. What many businesses fail to realize is that they can be liable for crimes that occur on their property if they negligently fail to provide adequate security. What is adequate security? The amount of security required will vary depending on the perceived danger of the location. Business located in the parts of town with higher crime rates will need to provide additional security. Nonetheless, all Miami-Dade County business should consider investing in:

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Adequate lighting in parking lots and common areas
  • Door locks
  • Restricted access where necessary
  • Criminal background checks on tenants/employees
  • Establishing security policies and procedures

Business near higher crime locations on the map might want to consider additional security measures; whether that be the addition of security guards or perimeter fences. Customer and employee security should be a primary concern.

Have You Been A Victim of a Violent Crime?

If you’ve been a victim of robbery, assault, or other violent incidences, you deserve compensation for your losses. A Miami negligent security attorney can help determine whether or not the business where the crime occurred is partially responsible due to inadequate security or lack thereof. Owners of property are legally required to ensure the safety of their property to the best of their abilities. Failure to do so means you deserve reparation. For a free consultation with an experienced negligent security attorney, please contact Kaire & Heffernan, LLC.

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