Retailers Need To Increase Security As Crimes Continue To Rise

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | Negligent Security

The rise of violent crimes in and around shopping centers give consumers another reason to shop online. Most consumers shop online for the convenience or pricing.  The real payoff may be safety.

In recent days, shoppers leaving Publix supermarkets have been attacked.  As reported by Channel 10 news, there are multiple reports of people getting robbed after leaving Publix stores in Plantation.

The attackers are following shoppers out of the Publix parking lot and waiting to ambush them.

Recently, a female victim left her local Publix and started driving home. Security cameras at her neighborhood caught her driving right past the guard gate, but there was another car following her.

After they hit her car  she stopped and got out.  When she stopped to check the damage to her car, the woman who was driving got out and began to apologize to get close to her and then used pepper spray on her.

Two men also jumped out with guns, making demands. The victim ended up on the ground and minutes later, their car was seen leaving the property, followed by the victim’s car speeding out — neighbors and witnesses said it was stolen.

It has been the talk of the town, especially on social media lately. That’s because Local 10 News knows of at least three separate similar incidents all beginning at Publix supermarkets in Plantation.

Police across the city have been on alert seeing a similar pattern at those stores involving guns or pepper spray, or like in this case, both.

“We are working closely with the Plantation Police Department and the Broward Sheriff’s Office regarding incidents happening within the city,” Publix said in a released statement. “The safety of our customers and associates is a top priority for us.”

The Publix statement is misleading.  I went on their website this morning, and there is no mention of the crimes or any warning letting shoppers know that they should be on the lookout.

Publix owes a duty to their shoppers to warn  of  dangerous conditions.

The primary issue in finding liability in a negligent security case is foreseeability. Foreseeability concerns whether the business has taken adequate steps to guard its customers from any criminal conduct that can be reasonably anticipated.  Now that Publix is aware of the criminal conduct, they must take steps to protect their customers.  The steps  include posting messages in their stores and on their website, and increased security in the parking lots.  Hopefully Publix will take the necessary steps to protect their customers.

Unfortunately, retailers don’t like to spend money on security measures, and thus negligent security cases are on the rise.   Yet another reason to buy online.

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