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Here in Florida, we have a pastime that eludes much of the rest of the country — theme parks. Sure, local amusement parks and carnivals can pop up in just about any town, but Florida is home to the world’s most popular tourism destinations.

Our theme parks are simply a cut above the rest, and they’re a big part of what keeps our state’s economy strong.

But theme parks can be dangerous. Scorching heat, complex machinery, nonstop transportation, and death-defying roller coasters all involve a certain degree of risk. Even the best-maintained, top-ranked, and highly regarded theme parks are vulnerable to accidents, injuries, and negligence.

In fact, The injuries frequently lead to private, out-of-court settlements that keep mishaps out of the headlines. And when accidents do get reported, it’s often quietly and many months after the fact. The general public is largely unaware, then, of Florida’s pervasive theme park perils.

When innocent tourists or park guests are injured in a theme park, the park owners may be liable. Victims are entitled to compensation for their lost income, medical expenses, emotional distress, and possibly much more.

An experienced theme park accident attorney can help victims hold amusement parks accountable for their negligence. At Kaire & Heffernan, LLC, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients uncover every penny they deserve — no matter how tall a “corporate giant” there may be on the other side of the case.

Common Theme Park Accidents

Florida’s most common examples of theme park negligence include:

  • Poor ride maintenance
  • Slippery surface areas, leading to slip-and-fall accidents
  • Aggressive physical encounters with theme park meet-and-greet characters
  • Park employees operating rides under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Fires
  • Inadequate building maintenance
  • False imprisonment
  • Failure to properly lock or label gates/doors that lead to dangerous backstage areas
  • Failure to provide proper medical attention in emergencies
  • Failure to promptly contact 911 in the event of an emergency
  • Not making water available to dehydrated guests during very hot days
  • Allowing guests or employees to come too close to parade floats
  • Permitting too many guests to enter a park (or an area within the park) at one time
  • Inadequate security
  • Inadequate lighting in parking lots or other potentially dangerous areas

It’s important to remember that theme park resorts often serve many functions. They are hotel operators, transportation providers, restaurateurs, and much more. Some of Florida’s resorts even manage their own municipal authorities and police forces.

Accordingly, theme park owners may be liable for any of the kinds of injuries that are commonly seen in hotels, motels, restaurants, retail stores, and more.

Get Help from an Accident Attorney

At Kaire & Heffernan, LLC, we’re proud of Florida’s many outstanding theme parks and resorts. We know that they help families from all around the world make memories that will last a lifetime. They’re crucial to our state’s economy, and by and large, they are overwhelmingly safe.

When injuries occur, though, victims deserve justice. Guests enter theme parks reasonably (and rightfully) expecting that the park will do everything in its power to keep them safe and well. When the parks fail to meet that duty, we’re here to hold them accountable.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a theme park accident in the Sunshine State, an attorney at Kaire & Heffernan, LLC can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.


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