Common Types of Florida Birth Injury

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Pregnancy is a special, magical time for expectant parents. Months of planning, preparing, trips to the doctor’s office, anxiety, expectation, and joy all culminate in the big day. It’s a momentous occasion for anyone, and it should be one of the happiest days in our lives.

Unfortunately, childbirth doesn’t always go smoothly. Every year, parents face the terrible reality of a birth injury — pain or trauma inflicted on a newborn during or just after pregnancy, often resulting in long-term disability or occasionally even death.

Birth injury is almost always caused by a doctor or nurse’s negligence. Modern medical science has made it possible for nearly all parents to expect a safe and successful delivery for their children, but when medical professionals fail to exercise proper care, the impact can be devastating.

Most Common Types of Birth Injury

Birth injuries occur across a wide medical spectrum. Some are self-limiting and relatively mild. Many others are painful and potentially permanent. Regardless of the extent of injuries, parents and their children may be entitled to significant financial compensation for their suffering.

The most common types of birth injury in Miami include:

Doctors and nurses may be liable either for their actions or for a failure to take action. This may include failure to properly diagnose, treat, or prevent a medical condition (such as preeclampsia) before it develops into a more serious problem. Kaire & Heffernan, LLC can help you determine potential liability in your own case.

Learn More About Birth Injuries

At Kaire & Heffernan LLC, we understand how terrifying the prospect of a Miami birth injury can be. That’s why we’ve dedicated a portion of our practice to helping parents deal with the consequences of professional negligence. Drawing on our experience in personal injury and medical malpractice, we’ve cultivated extensive experience in handling these unique and very demanding cases.

If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to get in touch with our attorneys right away. We’re happy to offer free consultations to discuss the potential for your claim, and if we do accept your case, we won’t charge for our services unless and until there is a successful outcome in your case. Contact us today.

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