Negligent Security Case Goes To Jury

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2014 | Negligent Security

We have all been to sporting events and witnessed the fan that had too much to drink.  Alcohol sales and  violence in our society have made sporting events a dangerous proposition. While times have changed, stadium operators and team owners have failed to keep up with the times.

A negligent security trial that stemmed from a violent attack and left a victim with brain damage is now in the hands of a jury.

Brian Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan was beaten by a group of  Los Angeles Dodgers fans in the parking lot of Dodgers stadium.

The Plaintiffs lawyers argued that the Dodgers should of had better security in place, especially given the rivalry game, the prior violence at dodgers stadium, and of course the amount of beer sales.

The Plaintiffs lawyers asked for $37 million, citing the cost of future medical care and the significant pain and suffering.

Form a liability perspective the plaintiff’s need to prove that the dodgers knew or should have known that an assault was foreseeable, and that the Dodgers failed to take reasonable safety precautions.    To that end, given the prior history of violence and witness testimony that no security guards were visible in the parking lot where Stow was beaten, the plaintiff should prevail on liability.

As to the damages, I did not get a chance to watch any part of the trail, but from my experience a brain damage injury could result in a very significant life care plan.

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