Safety Recommendations for Cyclists

On Behalf of | May 17, 2020 | Car Accidents

Living in Florida, residents are fortunate enough to have year-round outdoor weather. Such weather permits people to partake in a number of activities, including cycling. As a Florida personal injury attorney and an avid cyclist, it is chilling to see the number of serious injuries and accidents that can result from participation in the sport. While some accidents may be out of the cyclist’s control, there are several preventative measures that all cyclists can take in order to actively protect themselves.

Always Wear a Helmet

The most obvious and easy way to protect yourself when cycling is by wearing a helmet. It is estimated that helmet use can reduce the odds of a serious head injury by up to 50%.

Proper Hearing

If you’re cycling to music, make sure the music is at a low enough volume that you can hear surrounding noise such as other bikers, vehicles, or pedestrians.

Ride in the Right Direction

When cycling, make sure to be traveling in the same direction as traffic. In addition, if cycling on roadways with intersections, be sure to obey the proper traffic signals.

Stay Off the Sidewalk

Many bicycle injuries occur between cyclists and pedestrians. Unless a sidewalk is completely empty, cyclists should ride on the street while exercising caution with respect to traffic.

Call Out When Passing

When passing another cyclist or pedestrian on the roadway, be sure to call out which side you are passing them on.

          These are only a few of the many ways cyclists can look to prevent accidents when taking to the road. Florida ranks first amongst states in cyclist fatality, so it is imperative to exercise proper caution while partaking in the sport. As Miami personal injury attorneys, we are exposed to a number of accidents that could have easily been avoided if advice like above had been heeded to. As such, we implore individuals to follow these suggestions to create safer roadways.

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