Occupational Fatalities in Florida

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Car Accidents

In 2017, the fatal work injuries totaled 299 deaths in Florida, slightly dropping from the previous year at 309 deaths. A total of 5,147 were recorded nationwide.

Of the 299 fatalities in Florida, 107 were transportation related, 62 were slips, falls or trips, 48 were due to exposure to harmful substances and 43 were due to violence by another person or animal.

Transportation and slips, falls or trips accounted for over half (57%) of all workplace fatalities in Florida.

The private construction sector had the largest number of fatalities in Florida, with 75 deaths in just one year.

Transportation and material moving occupations accounted for 76 deaths while construction and extraction occupations accounted for 63. In the transportation and material moving occupations, 38 of the 76 deaths had heavy trucks and trailer trucks involved.

Of the total 299 fatally-injured, 85% worked for wages and salaries, while the rest were self-employed. Men accounted for 95% of the work-related fatalities in Florida and white non-Hispanics accounted for 56%.

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