Florida to Outlaw all forms of Distracted Driving?

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A bill unanimously approved by a state committee on Wednesday, March 6th 2019 may outlaw all forms of distracted driving such as holding a cell phone, applying makeup, reading, or any other activities deemed distracting. This bill was created in an attempt to lower the percentage of motor vehicle accidents on the road.

Senator Wilton Simpson made a statement referring to distracted driving as an epidemic in Florida, emphasizing that it is far beyond just car on car collisions. He goes on to explain that in comparison to the rest of the United States, the state of Florida has a record number of deaths in biking and jogging, almost all due to distracted driving.

Current state law deems texting and driving to be illegal, however, a driver can only be ticketed if they are first pulled over for something else. This new bill would make texting and driving, or driving in a distracted manner, a primary offensive. This meaning that someone could now be pulled over solely for their distracted driving.

Once in effect, law enforcement officers will also be recording the race and ethnicity of the ticketed drivers which they will then compile to an annual report to the governor; a provision that Senator Randolph Bracy requested in an attempt to avoid the distracted driving ban to be used for racial profiling.

Many parents who have tragically lost children from distracted driving or a distracted driver are large advocates of having this bill approved and are urging the committee to push it through, referring to the use of wireless devices as an addiction.

Thus far, this Senate Bill has been unanimously approved in the first two of four committee steps, and if enacted, Florida would ease into this new law by giving warnings for the first three months before ticketing.

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