Fort Lauderdale’s Most Treacherous Roads for Cyclists

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You may recall our previous blog post on Miami’s most dangerous intersections for cyclists. Although Miami-Dade county experienced over 900 crashes in 2016 alone, it was not the only area in Florida that had cyclist safety issues.

Cyclists and pedestrians are the least protected people on the road. Not only are they unprotected because they do not have the shell of a vehicle to protect them, but there are thousands of incidents where cars drive in the biking lane, are reckless around cyclists, or stop in the pedestrian crosswalk. Motorists who drive carelessly and exhibit these kinds of behaviors are the exact cause for the majority of the crashes that kill and injure non-motorists.

Miami is a well-known dangerous area for cyclists. So, how does Fort Lauderdale compare?

Top 7 Dangerous Roads for Cyclists

From 2012 through 2016, there were 200 Ft. Lauderdale bicycle crashes. We found the following intersections to be the most dangerous areas for cyclists because of the number of crashes that occurred there and resulting in cyclist injuries or fatalities.

  • 200 US 1 Federal Highway | 3 crashes
  • 2884 State Road 838 East Sunrise Boulevard | 2 crashes, 1 fatality
  • 801 Seabreeze Boulevard, State Road A1A | 2 crashes
  • 1221 State Road 84 | 2 crashes
  • 1355 State Road 838 West Sunrise Boulevard | 2 crashes
  • 2731 US 1 North Federal Highway | 2 crashes
  • 2871 State Road 838 | 2 crashes

Take Extra Precaution of These Roads

Since 2012, Fort Lauderdale’s cyclists saw 3 fatalities on the following roads:

  • 151 Southwest 2nd St.
  • 900 NW 13th St.
  • 2884 State Road 838 E Sunrise Blvd.

Although there were only 200 bicycle crashes in Fort Lauderdale since 2012, cyclist safety is still an issue. Driving while drowsy, new phone technologies, and driving under the influence are all equally dangerous activities that put other drivers and especially cyclists in harm’s way. Cyclists can only do so much to protect themselves from crashes. Motorists now need to step up and take responsibility for themselves and non-motorists on the road.

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