The Hit(s) and Run(s) Don’t stop.

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How can driving to work be this dangerous?  Naphtali Hertz Wacks, 57, a Miami Beach defense lawyer was driving his Honda Civic to work Tuesday morning when he was struck and critically injured by a hit and run motorist.  “The force of the crash was so significant” that the Civic was “propelled 368 feet” into the wall, according to a warrant by Miami Beach Detective Nick Guasto.

The Hit and Run driver, Elia Soto, 44,  was driving at over 100 mph when he crashed into Naphtali Wacks.

Soto was arrested after police said he ditched his Nissan Armada near Miami’s criminal courthouse.  A courthouse he knows well given that he was on federal probation for conspiracy to distribute cocaine.   A Miami-Dade judge granted Soto a $30,000 bond following this Hit and Run.   Naphtali Wacks is fighting for his life after suffering  broken ribs, a severed spine, collapsed lungs and paralysis in his legs.  Yet, somehow, Elia Soto will be out on bond.  Unless and until sentences get tougher on Hit and Run drivers we will continue to lead the nation in these tragic incidents.

In 2013, there were 78,661 hit-and-run crashes in the state.

In 2014, there were 85,241;

in 2015, 94,456;

in 2016, 99,004.

In 2016 Miami-Dade had the most hit-and-run crashes in all of Florida’s 67 counties: 19,087. That is 52 hit and run accidents a day, or a little more then 2 per hour for Miami.

Our prayers go out to Mr. Wacks and his family.

It is because of the actions of motorists like Elia Soto that uninsured motorist insurance rates in Miami are so high.  Yet, because of motorists like Elia Soto it is so important to purchase uninsured motorist insurance coverage.




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