New Bike Recall involving 17 Manufactures and 1.5 Million Bikes

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A massive, 1.5-million bike-related manufacturing error occurred, causing 17 companies to recall certain bikes equipped with front-wheel quick-releases and disc brakes.  This issue is the latest of a long line of recalls regarding disc brakes.

Cycling as a sport is dangerous enough, as noted by a recent triathlon traffic accident, thus the equipment better be safe and reliable.

The Incident

Bicycle Disk Brake with Quick Release Lever

The recall centers on the quick release lever.  Specifically, the quick release lever can come into contact with the front disc brake when improperly adjusted or left open while riding.  One can only imagine the negative implications of this problem.  To that end, the problems can range from the rider losing control to the front wheel falling off.

Given the nature of the defect, the potential injuries can range from a clavicular fracture to even paralysis or death. Statistically, cyclist-related deaths are rising.

The Risk

While 17 companies have issued bike recalls, The Consumer Product Safety Commission has already identified one injury resulting from the manufacturing error. A cyclist faced difficulty breaking and crashed.  Fortunately, he only sustained broken finger.  Please see below for the Bike Brands and model years involved in this recall:

Diamondback: 2004-2015
Raleigh: 2004-2015
Breezer: 2005-2015
Fuji: 2005-2015
SE: 2005-2015
Cannondale: 1998-2015
GT: 1998-2015
Felt: 2006-2015
Jamis: 2005-2015
Giant: 2003-2004
Haro: 2000-2015
Norco: 2000-2015
Access: 2009-2015
Civia Cycles: 2008-2012
Novara: 2002-2015
Ridley: 2014-2015
Specialized: 2002-2015

The jury is still out on the disc brake technology for road bikes.  Like all products, Disc brakes are inherently safe, when manufactured correctly.  However, as in this recall that is not the issue-the issue lies in the component parts. Their metal disk, attached to the brake’s main hub, is not affected by the cycle’s wheel rim. Because of this, however, rooting out potential defects and manufacturing errors is difficult. Disc brakes have been widely used on mountain bikes, yet recent years have experienced a large-scale increase in use in cycle cross and Road bikes.

Bicycling is exploding in popularity, and the rush for the latest and greatest equipment is pushing design and manufacturing to its limits.  Sometimes products are released before they are adequately tested.

Large-scale providers, like Specialized Cannondale, Giant, Diamondback, Fuji, Ridley, and Felt, were impacted by the recall.

All riders should check the Quick-Release Recall website to see if his or her bike is part of the recall. A rider with a bike that is subject to the recall should stop riding the bike and take it to a dealer to have a new quick-release installed. In many cases, the replacement can be accomplished in as little as five minutes.

If you or a loved one have been injured due to the malfunction, contact attorneys at Kaire & Heffernan, LLC immediately. Your legal options are always important, and your legal providers hold your safety in high regards. Related damages and injuries occurring in previous years should also be reported, as the recall substantiates recall-related injuries occurring as early as 1998. At Kaire & Heffernan, LLC, we know bike accidents. Your case is prioritized, guaranteeing total understanding and support.


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