‘Slip and Fall’ in the News: Big Companies as Defendants

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If you spend enough time shopping , you’ve probably encountered at least one “Wet Floor” sign. Retailers and restaurants keep these signs handy for a reason: slippery walkways are dangerous. The potential for legal liability is high.

Indeed, “slip and fall” is one of the most common examples of injury in Florida. Most often, the claim involves a customer who slips while shopping because the store failed to clean a spill or otherwise address a dangerously hidden hazard.

Of course, retailers aren’t the only ones with a responsibility to protect patrons. Restaurants, theme parks, hotels, sporting facilities, and even private homes can be held accountable for endangering visitors with carelessness.

It isn’t uncommon for major companies to find themselves defending against a big-dollar slip and fall case. In fact, there are a few notable examples in the headlines right now. We thought we’d take a glimpse at those claims to better illustrate the law on slip and fall.

McDonald’s, Walmart, and Taco Bell Answer High-Profile Slip and Fall Lawsuits

  • McDonald’s — A West Virginia woman claims she was walking to a table in a neighborhood McDonald’s when she slipped on a wet floor and sustained serious injury. She’s suing the company and the store manager, insisting they should have had warning signs in place. In addition to compensation, she’s also seeking punitive damages and attorney’s fees.
  • Walmart — Walmart recently settled a slip and fall lawsuit in Texas after a young boy slipped on liquid in the store’s meat market, injuring his back and suffering a concussion. The settlement amount is undisclosed, but it is likely that the damages were of significant financial value.
  • Taco Bell — Also in Texas, Taco Bell is denying responsibility for a woman’s injuries after she slipped on a greasy spill in front of a soda refill station. She claims the fall was severe enough to cause her disfigurement, and she’s seeking total compensation in addition to attorney’s fees. Her lawsuit moves forward despite Taco Bell’s denial.

Have a Slip and Fall Lawsuit? Talk to an Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident, an experienced Miami injury attorney can help. At Kaire & Heffernan, LLC, we have many years of experience in effectively recovering comprehensive justice for victims of businesses’ negligence.

Regardless of where you were hurt, it is in your best interest to consult with an attorney to determine the value of a potential lawsuit. Remember: time limits apply to these cases. To schedule a free consultation please contact our office right away.

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