Did a Delay in CPR Kill Joan Rivers?

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Last month, we assessed the strength of a possible wrongful death suit in the Joan Rivers case. While many of the facts were still unknown, the allegations against Rivers’ doctors were certainly enough to support claims for medical malpractice and wrongful death — and probably shocking enough to really upset a jury too.

Now, new reports reveal even more astounding assertions in the Joan Rivers wrongful death case. Specifically, it now seems that a delay in critical CPR may have claimed the comedienne’s life.

Joan Rivers, Wrongful Death, and Medical Malpractice

“Rivers might still be alive if the two throat specialists who performed her ill-fated August procedure had simply started CPR and called 911 when [she] first went into shock.” That’s the report from the New York Post, which recently released the results of a surprisingly in-depth investigation.

While the case has yet to go to trial, and the likely defendants continue to deny the allegations, the Post’s new findings — if true — could prove disastrous to their defense. The revelations would also suggest heartbreaking mistreatment of a beloved entertainment icon.

The Post’s report includes the following claims, all of which are in addition to the already disturbing allegation that one of the doctors took a “selfie” with an unconscious Rivers while performing procedures she never signed up for:

  • Even as Rivers’ vital signs were obviously plummeting, the doctors refused to halt a routine throat-scope procedure.
  • CPR, if administered during those fifteen minutes, could have saved Rivers’ life.
  • Rivers eventually went into cardiac arrest. Even then, the doctors delayed another ten minutes before calling 911, deciding to simply attempt resuscitation on their own. (They were not successful.)

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Our hearts go out to Joan Rivers’ family. Medical malpractice is heartbreaking, especially when it leads to wrongful death. While further investigation is still required to unveil the truth in her case, the unsettling allegations offer little comfort.

If you have questions about medical malpractice or wrongful death in Florida, please don’t hesitate to contact our office and talk with a Miami wrongful death attorney.

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