Joan Rivers: The Wrongful Death Suit

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When Joan Rivers passed away unexpectedly this year, she reportedly left a sizeable estate behind for her family, not to mention an ironclad plan for distribution of her assets.

That’s no surprise, given how enduringly successful the legendary comedian was over the course of her long life and career.

Rivers often spoke publicly about her careful preparations for an eventual passing, including a memorably hilarious passage in her book, in which she demanded a funeral with wind machines, paparazzi, and Meryl Streep “crying in five different accents.”

Sadly, her passing came as an utter surprise to everyone, despite the fact that she was already in her eighties. The circumstances surrounding Joan’s death have left more questions than answers, and now those questions are the subject of a legal investigation.

Depending on the outcome, her family could stand to recover much more than the inheritance that Joan left behind.

Allegations Supporting a Wrongful Death Suit in the Joan Rivers Case

Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers, is reportedly planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit in the matter of her mother’s death — a claim that could be worth millions of dollars.

Wrongful death is a legal doctrine that allows close family members to recover financial compensation for their economic and emotional losses, provided that their loved one died as the result of negligence.

In the Rivers case, then, the key question is whether the doctors behaved negligently.

Several of the allegations made against Rivers’ doctors would support a claim for negligence as part of a wrongful death suit. These include:

  • The doctor allegedly performed a biopsy on Rivers without her consent.
  • Rivers may have been prescribed a dangerous dose of anesthesia and/or Propofol (the same drug that led to Michael Jackson’s death).
  • The doctor allegedly posed for a “selfie” photograph with Rivers while she was still unconscious.

Both the doctor and the medical clinic deny the allegations. By hiring an experienced team of attorneys, though, Rivers may be able to build a convincing case, relying on evidence and expert testimony in order to establish negligence.

Questions About Wrongful Death Law in Florida?

Wrongful death cases are among the most difficult that we handle. At Kaire & Heffernan, LLC, we understand how important it is that families be able to secure justice, closure, and financial support for economic burdens they don’t deserve to bear.

Our hearts go out to the Rivers family as they deal with a difficult loss that has affected the entire world.

If you have questions about wrongful death law in Florida, please don’t hesitate to contact our office. We’re here to help.

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