Tort Reform Is Not An Option

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2014 | Medical Malpractice

Every couple of years, around election time, we start to hear the beat of the drums for tort reform.   The message is usually the same, blame the trial lawyers for the expensive cost of medical care and for the ever increasing insurance premiums.  I have a better idea, how about looking at the doctors, nurses, and insurance companies.

98,000 people are killed annually by medical errors.  Darn right we have a medical malpractice crisis, and it isn’t  caused by the trial lawyers.  Last I checked we lawyers don’t render medical care.  Isn’t it about time that Congress put patients first?

As a Miami Medical Malpractice lawyer, I have written about the repeat offenders.  Doctors that repeatedly fall below the standard of care, and yet continue to practice medicine.  Rather than focusing on tort reform, a better solution is to focus on doctor reform.

The attached video  says it all. Blake Fought from American Association for Justice on Vimeo.

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