It’s Time To Make Roads Safer For Cyclists

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Bicycle accidents and injuries are up throughout the state of Florida. So, how can we make the roads safer for cyclists? In Miami, the mayor promised more bike lanes-we’re still waiting. Palm Beach county is studying alternatives, but concerned about the cost and driverin convenience. That alone sums up the problem. If we are truly a world class destination and want to increase the quality of life for our citizens, then we must find the money to increase bike safety and inconvenience motorists during the construction phase. Our Office is in the Brickell area, and we are plenty inconvenienced by all the construction of new buildings, yet we understand it is for a greater good. As a brief aside, all the sidewalks around Brickell have been removed due to the construction, and are creating a safety issue for pedestrians, but that is a different topic for a different day.

Lets look at some statistics, and why we must make changes. In 2012, Palm Beach County bicycle crashes increased about 20 percent. That is simply unacceptable.

The answer to the question, “how to make are roads safer for cyclists” is really not that difficult.

  1. Increase driver awareness. First and foremost drivers must understand they have to share the road. It’s the law.
  2. More bike lanes.
  3. Crackdown on drivers that do not obey the 3 foot law.
  4. Enforce speeding laws in areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic.

What good is the sun, weather, and beautiful beaches, without infrastructure.

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