Defects May Be To Blame For Golf Cart Accidents

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It may be a shock to learn that golf cart accidents are quickly becoming an important subsection of personal injury law. Some injuries are caused by negligence on behalf of the driver, while other accidents have been caused by defective golf cart products. The Augusta, Georgia-based golf cart company E-Z-Go is one of the country’s biggest golf cart manufacturers. Some of their most famous golf cart models include the E-Z-Go Cushman and Bad Boy Buggies golf carts. E-Z-Go has recently been in the news because of an April 22, 2014 recall commenced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for a variety of E-Z-Go golf cart models that were discovered to be defective. This recall is significant because defective golf carts can cause accidents that result in personal injury to drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

The CPSC E-Z-Go Golf Cart Recall

A press release from the CPSC stated that specific E-Z-Go golf cart models were being recalled because of a defect in the steering wheel. This defect decreases a driver’s ability to control the steering wheel because of a steering wheel nut that was not sufficiently tightened in the recalled E-Z-Go models. The models subject to the CPSC recall include the E-Z-Go TXT Fleet golf cart, the Shuttle 2 + 2 TXT golf cart, the E-Z-Go Freedom TXt golf car, the two seat E-Z-Go Express, the Valor model personal golf cars, the E-Z-Go Terrain golf cart with added cargo bed, the  E-Z-Go Cushman Shuttle vehicles, E-Z-Go Safari utility vehicles and four of the Bad Boy Buggies model including the HD, LT, LTO and LD models. All of the models subject to the recall were manufactured at the E-Z-Go plant in Augusta, Georgia. Any of the above model E-Z-Go products sold from August 2012 until February 2013 are subject to the recall. It is alleged by both CPSC and E-Z-Go that only one accident was caused by the defective steering wheel. The only injury sustained in this accident was a chipped tooth.

Golf Cart Injuries On the Arise

It may be surprising that such a leisure and low-impact sport could result in motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries. However, many don’t realize that golf cart accidents are a common occurrence at golf courses across the country. In fact, a study illustrates that from 1990 to 2006 the amount of golf cart-related injuries presented at U.S. hospitals increased by 132%. Within this time frame over 140,00 golf cart accident-related injuries were treated at emergency rooms throughout the U.S. Most of these accidents were the fault of either the passenger or driver, and were typically caused after either a driver or passenger jumped from or fell out of the golf cart.

Typical injuries resulting from golf cart accidents include soft-tissue injuries, such as severe bruising of the feet and legs. Around 31% of these golf cart injuries were sustained by children. The rise of golf cart accidents is attributed to two factors. The increased manufacturing of golf carts has resulted in more advanced models, the power of which many operators take for granted when handling these advanced high-powered golf carts. Furthermore, the increased popularity of golf carts has meant that many golf cart accidents aren’t just occurring at local golf courses. Because of the increased popularity of golf carts these products are being used outside of golf courses, and some states even have laws allowing golf carts to be driven on public roads.

Golf cart accidents can occur because of human error, product defects or a combination of both. If you are looking for legal advice for a golf car accident injury you sustained, or for any other personal injury that has occurred, contact a Miami personal injury attorney today. You can reach the attorneys here at Kaire & Heffernan, LLC either online or by giving us a call at 305-376-7860 to schedule a free consultation.

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