Too Many Bicycle Accidents On Key Biscayne

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For cyclists Key Biscayne represents both the best and worst of South Florida. The best is easy, just look around and you see beautiful waterways, partial bike lanes and large groups of cyclists. The worst is also easy, lots of careless drivers, often returning home from a long night of drinking, and thus far too many cyclists hit by cars. I personally have represented a number of cyclists that have been hit while riding in Key Biscayne.

In a great article written by Fabiola Santiago this morning she highlights the danger of biking on the “Key” and equates it to a game of Russian roulette. As someone who rides Key Biscayne every Sunday, I could not have said it better myself .

A recent accident cited by Ms. Santiago was that which took place on December 31, 2013, when a drunk driver crashed into a group of about 20 cyclists riding on the causeway. The 22-year-old driver, Diego Carreño of North Carolina, told police he’d been out drinking at a Miami Beach club. He was so intoxicated he was vomiting in his car and on the scene. Key Biscayne, where good meets evil, and often evil wins.

Two hours later on December 31, 2013, another cyclist was struck in front of Mast Academy. Last Monday, we got the typical hit and run, when a white BMW leaving Key Biscayne hit a cyclist and didn’t stop.

The above is just a one week sample size that reflects the spectrum of what bikers deal with (Drunk driver, careless driver, and hit and run driver).

Again, as the article points out, public officials and the mayor have done absolutely nothing to make Key Biscayne safer.

Mayor, this article is for you. Lower the speed limit, have a larger police presence, and encourage the State Attorney’s to prosecute these cases to the end.


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