Cyclist Push For Tougher Penalties on Hit and Run Drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2013 | Bike Accidents

Here are some astonishing numbers. In 2012 there were 69,994 hit-and-run crashes in Florida, of which 168 were fatal. That is 191 Hit and Run accidents a day.

One of those fatalities was a cyclist and young father Aaron Cohen who was killed while riding his bicycle in Key Biscayne. Cohen was struck by a vehicle driven by Michele Traverso. Rather than calling 911 and staying on the scene, Traverso, who was driving with a suspended license and was on probation for a drug offense fled the scene. He turned himself in the following day, when of course, it was too late to test for DUI. Incredibly enough Traverso was sentenced to only 364 days in jail.

In response to the less than commensurate sentence imposed on Michele Traverso, cyclists have launched a petition that seeks to impose tougher sentences on HIt and Run Drivers. The proposed legislation can be found at

The Aaron Cohen Act proposes a mandatory minimum sentence of three years for drivers who leave the scene of an accident resulting in injuries. Fleeing drivers who seriously hurt or kill someone would face a mandatory seven or 10 years, respectively.

As a Miami Bicycle Accident Lawyer, I pledge my support to Enda Walsh(Aaron Cohen’s friend) and the other individuals who are doing something about the epidemic of irresponsible drivers in our state. To them I say, Thank You.

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