Plastic Surgery Results In Permanent Brain Damage

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2013 | Medical Malpractice

Another Plastic Surgery with unintended consequences. As a Miami Medical Malpractice Lawyer I have witnessed my fair share of poor plastic surgery results. While even the best doctors can fail to deliver the results that their patients want, brain damage and death are becoming far too common the result. The latest such victim is 18 year old Linda Perez, whose story is tragic, and all too common.

Linda wanted breast implants and she chose The Coral Gables Cosmetic Center.I am sure the price of $2800.00 seemed like a great deal. LInda went forward with the surgery performed by Dr. Jacob Freiman, who does not carry medical malpractice insurance and anesthesiologist Dr. Mario Alberto Díaz, a convicted felon who
went to federal prison for illegally selling pills online. The Florida Department of Health, as usual, did nothing to one of its own, and allowed Díaz to keep his license, albeit after a one-year suspension following his incarceration and thereafter under “direct supervision” of a licensed physician.

As reported by the Miami Herald Linda’s procedure began sometime around 7:00 a.m. Her friend was told the procedure would last about 30 minutes. 2 hours later her friend saw an ambulance that was transporting Perez to Mercy Hospital. “Apparently” something had gone wrong and Linda’s blood pressure had plummeted. The doctors gave Linda medication to stabilize her, which raised her blood pressure and triggered a heart attack. Linda suffered brain damage when her heart stopped working.

Tragically, Linda remains in a coma.

This case highlights many different issues. First and foremost is the department of health and their outright refusal to revoke medical licenses.

Secondly, how much time was spent with Linda prior to the surgery? Was a complete and accurate medical history taken from her?

Thirdly, did the Surgical Center respond in a timely fashion to Linda’s condition? How long did it take to recognize the medical emergency, and what was done when it was recognized?

Surgical Centers can be a terrific option. They are cheaper than hospitals, and offer a more relaxed atmosphere. However, certain procedures and certain patients-those with a complicated medical history belong in a hospital not a surgical center.

Finally, we must change the law and require medical doctors to maintain Medical Malpractice Insurance.

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