Plastic Surgery Injury and Negligence Statistics

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If you or someone you love is considering plastic surgery of any kind, you would be best to become fully aware of all of the risks associated with surgery in general and your particular surgery in particular. As the population is aging the number of individuals seeking to change or alter their physical appearance in some way seems to be increasing.

Though most physicians are upstanding members of the medical and social communities, one should be cognizant and aware of the potential issues that could be faced as a result of trying to alter the gifts of Mother Nature (wanted or unwanted). Regardless of how simple or complex a surgery in question, surgery involves inherent risks and should be considered prior to “knife time.”

Cosmetic surgeries are by far more prevalent in the United States than in the United Kingdom and Canada.

  • United States – nearly 14 million
  • Canada – just over 300,000
  • United Kingdom – just over 43,000

Cosmetic Surgeries per 1000 citizens

  • United States – 40
  • Canada – 8
  • United Kingdom – 0.7

By Gender and Age

  • 91% of Cosmetic Surgeries are performed on women
  • Almost 50% of surgeries – 40 – 54 years old
  • Around 25% of surgeries – 55 plus years old
  • Almost 20% of surgeries – 30 – 39 years old
  • Less than 5% of surgeries – 20 -29 years old
  • Around 1% of surgeries – 13 -19 years old

Side effects from most things medical whether medications or surgery can occur. Always be aware of potential side-effects because some of them can spell disaster. Be aware of the facts.

Buttock implants

40% of patients have complications.

  • Implant rupture
  • Fluid leakage
  • Nerve or skin damage
  • Bleeding
  • Pain and swelling
  • Infection


10% have complications of soft tissue and skin.

  • Infections
  • Loss of smell
  • Bone collapse

Breast Implants

  • 70% lose sensation in nipple
  • 16% suffer with painful hardening breast tissue
  • 3 – 5% tissue dies and requires surgical removal due to toxicity


  • 2 – 4% have allergic reaction to resin used when fixing veneers


  • 12% suffer URIs (upper respiratory infections), back pain, dizziness, extreme coughing, inflammation of nose, muscle tensing abnormalities, change in muscle flexibility
  • 10% hemorrhage, neck pain, headaches, sore throat, generalized pain, excess sweating
  • 4% can suffer with an abnormality where eyelids close involuntarily (blepharophasm)
  • Body can swell uncontrollably – in reaction to the Botox toxin

Medical Errors occur and medical risks are inherent in surgery regardless of how good doctors are. However, there are always the outliers such the fake doctor of buttocks implants above. Be sure your surgeon is well researched, can provide examples, and patients with whom you can speak. Investigate them on the front end so you don’t suffer on the backend.

  • 44% of cosmetic surgeons don’t have proper equipment
  • 50% of patients receive inadequate care
  • 1% of patients are injured in hospital

Medical Negligent Facts

  • Medical errors cost $29 billion or more in the United States each year
  • 100,000 death in hospitals due to medical errors
  • 40,000 United Kingdom women had faulty implants fitted
  • 1,500 patients have items left in their bodies each year during surgery

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