Special Session May Do Away With PIP

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2013 | Car Accidents

We can only hope that the Florida legislature calls a special session to day away with PIP. The abolishment of PIP will lead to the end of PIP clinics, insurance fraud, and 411-pain and the like.

As a Miami Personal injury lawyer that represents car accident victims, I am troubled by the image that PIP clinics perpetuate, and the misinformation that they broadcast on our televisions and radios all day long.

David Simmons, the head of the Florida Senate’s Banking and Insurance Committee, will recommend legislative leaders call a special session to repeal no-fault auto insurance if judges reject reforms the state made to the system a year ago.

In last years legislative session the state made sweeping changes to personal injury protection laws-known as PIP or No-Fault. The changes in the law were senseless. The new law required accident victims to see a doctor within 14 days and only patients with an “emergency medical condition” could get the full $10,000 worth of care. Otherwise, only $2,500 is paid out. In addition, acupuncture and massage therapy was not covered under the new law. Thankfully, Judge Terry Lewis, in a well reasoned opinion, eviscerated the changes, because they didn’t adequately compensate drivers for giving up their right to sue.

Simmons, in response, drafted fresh legislation that would void the requirement that all Florida drivers carry PIP and instead mandate they buy bodily injury liability coverage, which would require the injured driver in a car accident to sue the at-fault driver to obtain the money to pay his or her medical bills.

PIP is a system that cannot be fixed. It simply doesn’t work, and needs to go away.

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