Hit and Run Motorist Who Killed Cyclist Sentenced to 364 Days In Jail

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2013 | Bike Accidents

After the driver of a car struck and killed yet another cyclist in Key Biscayne, the hope was that justice would be served. The hope was that a strong message would be sent so that maybe, just maybe, drivers would be a little more careful, and perhaps our streets just a little bit safer. That hope, following the accident of February 15, 2012, that killed Aaron Cohen, faded today when Judge William Thomas sentenced Michele Traverso to 364 days in jail.

When is an accident, not just an accident? When the driver of car who smashes into a cyclist is driving on a suspended license and is on probation for cocaine charges, doesn’t honk his horn, doesn’t even hit his brakes and then in typical South Florida style leaves the scene of the accident. That is who Michele Traverso was, and that is what he did to Aaron Cohen, a husband and a father of 3 children.

Michele Traverso waited 18 hours after the accident to turn himself in, so that investigators could not prove that his blood alcohol level was above the state limit.

Webster’s dictionary defines accident as:

an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance

Does anything from the above story seem unforeseen and unplanned?

While the criminal case concluded a Wrongful death lawsuit may follow. Again, that lawsuit will not make the streets of South Florida any safer. Given the fact that Traverso had a suspended license, I doubt he had any insurance coverage that would compensate the Cohen family for their loss. In the event the Cohen family had Uninsured Motorist Coverage, then they would receive compensation for their damages from their Uninsured Motorist Carrier. Aaron Cohen’s wife would receive compensation for:

Loss of her husband’s Companionship and Protection
Mental Pain and Suffering
Loss of Support and Services
Medical and funeral expenses

His 3 Children would receive compensation for:

Loss of Support and Services from date of death
Loss of parental companionship, instruction, and guidance AND mental pain and suffering

Any compensation they receive is no compensation for their loss

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