Mountain Bike Accident Causes Cervical Fracture and $81,000.00 in Medical Bills

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2012 | Bike Accidents

A mountain biker was injured when she flew over heh handlebars and landed face-first. This type of accident is common in mountain biking and typically occurs because the rider will hit the front tire against a root or large object while leaning forward on the bike. The result is the biker going over the handlebars and landing on his face. The impact will force the neck back and often leads to a cervical fracture and/or disc herniation.

In this case the woman claims she was riding on a “raised apparatus” and fell off.

The woman was injured while riding at quiet waters Park in Deerfield beach, and sued Broward County for her injuries. She settled the case for $17,500.00. I am not familiar with this case, but see no liability on the part of the county, unless there was a hidden danger that she was not warned about, or if the “raised apparatus” was not properly maintained.

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