Were Police Justified In Chasing Burglary Suspect

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2012 | Bike Accidents

As a Miami Bicycle accident attorney, I follow all bicycle accidents closely. Yesterday I wrote about the deaths of two cyclists,Christopher McConnell, 61, of Cooper City and Dean Amelkin, 60, of Coral Springs, and the questions regarding a police chase that may have led to their deaths.

BSO is investigating the facts of the case, and whether a pursuit took place. BSO policy allows deputies to pursue violent felony suspects, but only when the risk of harm from evasion is greater than the potential harm to the public arising from a pursuit.

According to the arrest report, the suspect, Obrian Ricardo Oakley, fled at speeds of more than 110 miles per hour through western Broward County. Following him were police, their lights flashing and sirens blaring. Oakley told police he looked back at his pursuers, and that’s when he hit a red Toyota traveling westbound on Sheridan Street at the intersection with Palm Avenue.

The collision caused Oakley’s silver Infiniti to spin out of control. The car then struck the cyclists and came to a stop, after which Oakley jumped out and ran into an apartment complex to hide.

Again, was the 110 mph pursuit worth the risk? Police already had Oakley’s partner under arrest at the time they were chasing Oakley.

What we do know is that two loving family men died while out for their customary weekend ride in the suburbs of southwestern Broward County.

Thankfully, the suspects have been caught and were denied bail this morning.

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