A Sad Day in South Florida; Jim Mandich loses fight with Cancer

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2011 | News

In a blog that has nothing to do with Medical Malpractice, car accidents or bicycle accidents. I woke up this morning, read the paper and found out that Jim Mandich, former Miami Dolphin player and broadcaster had died from his long battle with bile duct cancer. I then turned on the radio to the Joe Rose show, and as I listened to Joe Rose, I shed a tear as I heard the pain in Joe Roses voice, and I thought back to my growing up listening to Jim Mandich on the radio.

I found it was odd that I was shedding a tear,crying, for a person I had only met one time., yet it was as if I had lost a good friend.

Jim was someone I listened to on the radio daily. He was a kind, entertaining person who truly cared about the people of Miami, and always made his listeners smile.

The Miami Dolphins started a charity bicycle ride last year to raise money for cancer research, and hopefully the fundraising effort will continue.

As a son who lost his father to Lung Cancer, my thoughts are with Jim’s sons.

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