Bicycle component manufacturer recalls 9,300 cranks

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Full Speed Ahead (FSA), a leading bicycle component manufacturer is recalling some FSA BB30 Gossamer double cranks that were installed as original equipment on several bicycle models sold this year.

As reported by VeloNews, FSA is working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to conduct the voluntary recall.

The issue with the cranks is that if the fixing bolt is over-tightened on the non-drive crank arm, the bolt shoulder can crack or break. If this occurs, the non-drive arm can fall off. The issue could probably be avoided if FSA provided installation instructions that required a torque wrench at a specific PSI setting.

Owners of bicycles with the affected cranks are being advised to stop riding them immediately and take the bike to a retailer where a replacement crank will be installed.

About 9,300 cranks are affected by the recall. The cranks were installed on the following bike models, sold between February and October this year:

Bianchi 2010 Sempre Ultegra
Cannondale 2010 CAAD9 5, CAAD9 5 Feminine
2010 Six Carbon 5
2010 Slice 4, Slice 4 Nytro, Slice 5
2010 Synapse Carbon 4, Carbon 4 Feminine, Carbon 5
2011 CAAD10 5 105, CAAD10 5 105 Feminine
2011 Slice 5, Slice 5 Womens
2011 SuperSix 5 105, SuperSix 5 105 Womens
2011 Synapse Carbon 4 Rival, Carbon 4 Rival Womens, Carbon 5
2011 CAAD8 5 105
2011 CAADX 105 Cyclocross
Felt 2011 F75
2011 F75X
Fuji 2010 ACR 1.0
2010 ACR 2.0
2010 ACR 3.0
Quintana Roo 2010 CD.0.1
Litespeed 2010 C3
Raleigh 2011 RX 1.0
2010 RX 1.0
Scattante 2010 CFR Comp

The recalled models are either painted black with “Gossamer” printed in white on the arm or white with “Gossamer” printed in black on the arm.

The affected cranks have serial numbers beginning with 10B, 10C, and 10D. Serial numbers are located on the backside of the crank arm by pedal threads.

MegaExo model Gossamer crank sets and Gossamer BB30 cranksets with three chainrings are not involved in this recall.

For additional information on obtaining a free replacement non-drive crank arm, contact Full Speed Ahead toll-free at (877) 743-3372 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, or email [email protected]

I am not aware of any reported accidents involving the subject cranks. That being said FSA is acknowledging a defect in an effort to prevent any accidents and/or injuries. I had previously written about other companies-mainly Trek-and their refusal to acknowledge defects despite numerous accidents and injuries. It is always a welcome sign when a company is proactive rather than reactive in acknowledging defects.

These recalls, are based in part, because of the potential that an injured cyclist may file a lawsuit. Thus the potential of legal action by an individual or the US Consumer Product Safety Commission helps to insure manufacturers act in a responsible manner.

In the event of an injury caused by faulty equipment contact a lawyer that specializes in bicycle accidents

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