Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against South Miami Hospital For Accidental Circumcision

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2010 | Medical Malpractice

Mario Viera, an 8 day old infant was accidentally circumcised at South Miami Hospital.

The boy’s mother is bringing a lawsuit for Medical Malpractice against the Hospital, and a cliam for battery against Dr. Mary Jean Pazos, who performed the circumcision.

In an interview with Fred Tasker of the Miami Herald, Delgado told Tasker that, “No male in her family has been circumcised for years.” and that ” In the future, he’s going to ask why his dad is one way and he’s different.”

Circumsicions are not as prevelant as they once were, and The American Academy of Pediatrics website does not recommend that all infant boys be circumsised.

There is no question that Medical Malpractice ocurred in this case. The Hospital admitted as much. However, the question in this case will be that as to the extent of damages. To that end, one of the reasons that parents avoid circumcisions is because of the potential risk asociated with the procedure. Thankfully in this case, the young child did not suffer any complications. Thus, in the event this matter proceeds to Trial, the jury will have to decide as to the Fair compensation for the physical damages and for the Mental Pain and Suffering, if any, associated with the Circumcision.

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