Cyclist Hit By Bus in Miami

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2010 | Bike Accidents

Bicycle Accidents in Miami are a frequent occurrence. The most dangerous state to cycle in is Florida with 119 bicycle related fatalities in 2007. I have been riding and practicing law for the past 15 years, and have taken a big interest in cycling and cycling cases. In my years of practice I have handled a number of bicycle related cases from Mountain bikers whose forks broke while landing a jump to an elderly woman who was hit while riding her bicycle on the sidewalk.

I have also had the unique opportunity to ride and compete in cycling races in a number of Cities, States and Countries, and there is little doubt that Miami, Florida is to me, the most dangerous city to ride in. While the Transportation For America and the Surface Transportation Policy Partnership lists Orlando, Florida as the most dangerous U.S. city to ride a bicycle in, I would have to disagree.

Why is Miami so dangerous? I would have to list a combination of factors. First and foremost Miami offers very few bike lanes. Second the lack of education by Florida Motorist, in that they do not understand the responsibility that comes with driving a vehicle. As a specialist in Miami Bicycle accidents, I am currently representing a Gentleman that was struck by a county bus while riding his bicycle on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami, Fl.

This video shows the bus as she hits the cyclist and her reaction following the accident.

Change always starts at the top. Thus our hope is that the city leaders follow thru on their plans to build bike lanes and make Miami the wonderful cycling community it could be.

Mark Kaire has been practicing law in Miami for nearly 30 years. He is dedicated to helping the injured people of Miami receive compensation. Mr. Kaire has been blogging on Miami’s legal issues for many years.