A New Year Starts Off With A Hit and Run Accident

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2016 | Bike Accidents

We can turn the pages of a calendar to a new year, but unfortunately, we can’t turn around the callous behavior of the people that call Miami their home.  I am tired of writing, and I am sure you are tired of reading about hit and run accidents.  Yet, every day, another life is taken by a Hit and Run Motorist.  Most will get caught, and despite tougher sentencing guidelines, they will soon be out on the street again.

Braulio “Ozzie” Perez is the latest cyclist to die in a Hit and Run accident.  For the last three years, Mr.  Perez would get up at  4 a.m. to ride his bicycle.  He wanted to get in shape.  Unfortunately, Monday was his last ride.  This morning Braulio Perez was struck and killed when a driver in a stolen car lost control and slammed into him.  Three drivers of the car then fled on foot.

It matters not, but Mr. Perez was doing everything right.  He was riding his bicycle in a designated bike lane, had lights on his bike, and was wearing a helmet.

While our firm specializes in representing victims of bicycle accidents, I would rather the focus of this story to be on the need for tougher sentencing.  We cannot continue with such a reckless disregard for life.

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