Investigation Finds That Doctors with Malpractice Claim History Are Still Treating Patients

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Doctors Previous Negligence Still Risking Future Negligence in Patients

When a Florida doctor’s negligence causes the
loss of a loved one or leaves you with a life-changing injury, you file a
medical malpractice lawsuit to collect damages and, hopefully, deter that
physician from committing preventable errors in the future. Unfortunately,
there’s a high likelihood that your second goal won’t be realized.

On May 20, 2019, ABC Action News revealed the
result of an exclusive investigation into Florida doctors who continue to treat patients despite having
paid multiple malpractice claims. These payouts, which exceeded $460 million,
involved almost 1,400 patient deaths over the past decade.

review of state insurance records uncovered cases like the following:

  • A weight loss surgeon who has settled 16
    malpractice claims since 2000, six of which involved the death of a patient.
    Total payout was $2.6 million.
  • A back surgeon in Palm Beach Gardens who paid
    out $1.6 million in seven malpractice lawsuits, two of which arose from patient
  • A cardiologist in Fort Myers who paid $1.4
    million to settle three claims, two of which were due to a patient’s death.

The Three Strikes Rule

has a ‘three strikes’ rule that
was passed as a constitutional amendment in November 2004. It automatically
revokes the medical license of any doctor with three malpractice judgments.
However, the law’s effectiveness is hampered by the fact that the majority of
the Florida doctors being sued for malpractice settle the case, either prior to
a lawsuit being filed or prior to Trial. 

With a
settlement, the doctor neither admits nor denies the allegations against
him/her and thus there is no judgment entered. 
 This avoids a strike. The ABC
investigators found that at least 120 doctors have accumulated three or more
malpractice claims over the past decade but only two have lost their licenses
under the three strikes law.

This Isn’t the First Investigation of Its Kind

October 2017, the Sun-Sentinel
carried out a similar investigation. It concluded that the system was slow to
penalize doctors and quick to let them settle cases without accepting
responsibility. At that time, Florida had a backlog of close to 400 unresolved
cases against physicians involving patient mistreatment in situations ranging
from regular checkups to emergencies.

Stephen Rosenberg, chairman of the Florida Board of Medicine, said that the “policing
of medicine” was not the board’s responsibility.  He explained that it relies on the Florida
Department of Health to notify it about malpractice cases, but the DOH told the
ABC investigators that it only learns about a malpractice claim after state
insurance regulators close it. It’s a process that can take years, and in the
meantime, the doctors involved continue to treat patients.

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