The Most Dangerous Night Clubs In Miami-Dade County

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Negligent Security

There’s no limit to the fun Miami-Dade County has to offer. Some would even go as far as to proclaim Miami the party capital of the world. When the sun sets the drinks begin to flow, partygoers line the streets, and the music cranks up. Alas, when night falls the music level isn’t the only thing to rise in Miami.

Last year Miami-Dade County police reported 5,073 violent crimes. Of those crimes, just over 50% of them occurred between club hours from  7pm to 4am. Last year’s crime data serves as a reminder to us all that there is an inherent level of risk involved with being out at night. However, the data also reveals that not every part of the county carries the same level of crime risk. There are certain clubs that appear to be located in more dangerous areas than others.

Club D-Vine

Club D-Vine is an upscale hookah lounge offering over 65 different flavors of Shisha and more than 120 different varieties of alcohol. The club prides itself in being the first hookah bar in South Florida since 2003. Unfortunately, it may also be one of the most dangerous hookah bars in South Florida. Last year police reported four counts of aggravated battery, six robberies, and three counts of aggravated assault within a mile of the club’s location at 445 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. Battery and assault are concerning, but six robberies in one year is more than troubling.

Club Lexx

Consider it a sign when a business’s Google profile contains a picture of a cop car outside of the establishment. Club Lexx is a gentlemen’s club in Miami with a history of violence. In 2012, a security guard was charged with killing one man and injuring another. In 2014, yet another shooting broke out on club property with no reported injuries. This year there may not have been any violent crimes on premise, but there were two counts of aggravated battery, one count of sexual assault, four counts of robbery, and five counts of aggravated assault in the surrounding area. Club goers beware, this part of town is not quite the safest.

One Google reviewer even states “Watch out for Deziree Angel Johnson(Honey); she’ll set you up to get robbed.  Other than that, great chill spot!”

Coco’s Nightclub

Yet another gentlemen’s club just four minutes east of Club Lexx, Coco’s Nightclub offers a relaxing, laid back vibe with some of the best mixed drinks in the area. Much like Club Lexx, the surrounding area of Coco’s Nightclub is far from safe. In 2016 the club was the scene of a ‘triggering tragedy’ when 26 year old Elkino Watson was shot right outside the club’s door. In addition to the homicide, police also reported six counts of aggravated assault, one robbery, two counts of aggravated battery, and two counts of domestic assault in the same neighborhood.

Showgirls Inc.

Showgirls is an adult entertainment lounge off of Dixie Highway in Cutler Bay. While the interior of Showgirls Inc. has been described as classy, the surrounding area may not be. Crime data indicates that two robberies, three aggravated assaults, two sexual assaults, one homicide, and one domestic assault occurred near Showgirls Inc. last year.

Protecting Club Patrons

While all of Miami-Dade’s night clubs should keep security top of mind, the aforementioned clubs should highly consider investing in additional security. Owners of property are required by law to ensure the safety of their property and their patrons. Aside from the one or two security guards on duty, there are several other security precautions clubs can take.

Clubs should install surveillance cameras, additional lights, and door locks where applicable. Clubs should also perform scrupulous background checks on employees and establish tight security policies and procedures. Clubs in inherently dangerous areas such as Lexx, Showgirls, Coco’s, and D-Vine require more security to keep guests and employees free from harm.

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