100K Bicycles and Cyclists Affected by Defective Fork Recall

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Over 100,000 cyclists in the United States and Canada are at risk of receiving serious injuries following the recent announcement that SR Suntour North America is recalling 100,000 of their suspension forks because they pose a safety hazard for riders. The company states that a bolt which connects the top of the fork to the bottom of the fork can fail, either by breakage or by loosening. This in turn can cause the fork to fall apart which allows the front wheel to detach from the bicycle. The recall was instituted after 15 separate reports of fork failure which resulted in bicycle crashes that led to injuries for cyclists.

Which Bicycles Brands and Models Are At Risk?

Bicycles that contain the affected fork were sold during a specific time period, mainly between November of 2014 and March of 2015. 68,000 of the affected bicycles were sold in the United States while another 33,600 defective forks were sold in Canada. The specific models affected by this recall include the following: M3010 (24- and 26-inch), M3020 (24- and 26-inch), M3030 (26-, 27.5- and 29-inch), NEX (700c) and XCT (20-, 26-, 27.5 and 29-inch). Additionally, the recall includes bicycles from the following manufacturers: Cannondale, Diamondback, GT, Schwinn, Giant, INA International, Scott and Trek.

Bicycles with the defective forks were sold at a variety of locations including specialty bicycle stores, sports stores and mass merchandisers. They typically ranged in price from around $300 to $400 each.

Identifying Recalled Forks

Cyclists who think that they may own a bicycle with one of the recalled forks can examine the fork to determine if the serial number matches the list of those recalled. The serial number is located on the back of the fork’s crown. The first row of numbers is the fork’s serial number, while the second row of numbers is the fork’s model number. Recalled forks have serial numbers that begin with the letter “K” and end with a number between 141101 and 150127. To further help identify the recalled forks, consumers can also look for a “SR Suntour” sticker which is located on both sides of the legs of the forks.

How Should Consumers Respond to the Recall?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a warning to all cyclists owing a bicycle with the recalled fork. They are urging these individuals to immediately stop using the bicycle and to return it to the original purchase location for repair. Concerned bicycle owners can also contact the SR Suntour company directly via email at [email protected] or by calling (888) 820-8458.

If you have been injured in any manner due to the failure of one of these faulty bicycle forks, contact the attorneys at Kaire & Heffernan today. We aren’t just lawyers, we are cyclists too, and we know how devastating an injury like this can be. We want to help you receive compensation for repairing your bicycle, covering your medical bills, recouping lost wages and other losses.

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