A close look at crash statistics in Florida

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Firm News

Anyone who has ever driven on a highway in Florida knows that things can be a little unsettling, to say the least. Car crashes are a regular occurrence on any highway, but what does the data say specifically about the roads in Florida? A close look at the statistics can help you understand the difficulties you face when you head out on the road.

Fatality per crash rate

Across Florida in 2023, there have been 115,093 crashes of all types, leading to 74,021 injuries and 922 fatalities as of this writing. That calculates out to only 0.8% of crashes leading to a fatality. However, that fatality percentage changes drastically when you look at the various types of accidents:

  • About 5% of motorcycle crashes lead to a fatality
  • About 2.5% of bicycle crashes lead to fatality
  • About 7.5% of pedestrian crashes lead to a fatality.

What those crashes all have in common is the victims often have significantly less physical crash protection than anyone in a car.

Miami-Dade’s contributions

As one of the most populous areas in Florida, Miami-Dade has an outsized impact on the rest of the state’s crash numbers, contributing 15.9% of the state’s total crashes. However, it is interesting to note that the percentage of crashes to fatalities is slightly lower in Miami-Dade rather than across the state.

Decreasing crash numbers in spring

While crash numbers have stayed roughly consistent so far this year, April has seen roughly half as many crashes. There could be any number of reasons for such a discrepancy:

  • Data reporting and verification
  • Changes in data collection
  • Computational errors

However, in the meantime, it does appear that this month has been safer on the roads than those previous.

No matter how safe the roads appear, you may still face significant risks on the road. But if you have an injury from a car accident, you definitely have options to pursue compensation.