Cyclist Returning Home From Work Injured In A Hit and Run

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2017 | Bike Accidents

With the lack of public transportation in South Florida, an increasing number of people rely on bicycles as a means of transportation.  To that end, South Florida has promoted bike sharing programs through the tri-county area.  However,  as we have written on multiple occasions, the tri-county area lacks bike lanes, sidewalks, wide roads, and driver awareness.

Saturday night a waitress was riding home from work when she was struck by a car and seriously injured.  The driver left the scene of the accident, and left the injured cyclist lying on the road  near the 12600 block of West Sunrise Boulevard across from Sawgrass Mills Mall.

When we published our map that highlighted the most dangerous intersections for cyclist, it became apparent that a growing number of people use bicycles not just for recreation, but rather as a means of transportation. The dangers posed to commuter cyclist is that they are often riding alone, and thus less visible to a motorist, they ride on roads with heavy vehicular traffic, and often do not have the proper lights on their bicycles or reflective clothing.

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