Sepsis Death Lawsuits

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Sepsis is a serious medical condition that can develop as the body tries to fight off infection. Numerous chemicals enter the bloodstream, triggering widespread inflammation and potentially resulting in damage to organs.

In severe instances of sepsis, blood flow to internal organs and limbs is reduced. The sepsis progression to death includes a catastrophic reduction in blood pressure known as septic shock, which can cause rapid failure of the liver, kidneys and lungs.

A number of recent lawsuits illustrate the role that negligent medical care can play in the development of sepsis. If you or a loved one have suffered from sepsis due to poor care, it’s important to work with an experienced medical malpractice attorney to receive the compensation to which you’re entitled.

Boston Market Accused of Causing Salmonella, Sepsis Death

A 39-year-old Florida man died in 2015, three months after being infected by salmonella-tainted turkey at Boston Market, a lawsuit alleges.

The suit seeks unspecified damages for the three daughters of Gary Kidwell, of Boynton Beach. After eating at a Boston Market location, the lawsuit alleges, Kidwell developed salmonella sepsis and had to undergo surgery several times.

Boston Market has denied the allegations, but the family’s attorney has produced documents — including health inspection reports and records from the hospital that treated Kidwell — to back up the case. Records from Boca Raton Regional Hospital showed that Kidwell was infected by salmonella when he received treatment at the facility in November 2014.

Kidwell’s sister told the health department that her brother had eaten recently at a Boston Market location west of Boynton Beach. Health department reports indicate that inspectors found nine violations at the location two weeks after Kidwell reportedly ate there.

Lawsuit: Rehab Hospital Caused Woman’s Death

A West Virginia woman alleges that Peterson Rehabilitation Hospital and Geriatric Center, along with a doctor, caused the death of her mother.

Pamela Sue Underwood Witschey, acting as executor for her mother’s estate, filed the lawsuit in March in Ohio Circuit Court alleging that the hospital and the doctor acted in violation of the West Virginia Professional Liability Act.

The lawsuit states that Witchey’s mother, Margaret Ova Underwood, was a resident of the hospital when she died in 2015 due to sepsis and pneumonia. Before her death, Underwood had suffered from medical problems including a high oxygen saturation level and severe dysphagia.

The defendants in the case did not uphold their duty to provide reasonable care that other health care organizations would have provided in a similar situation, the lawsuit alleges. Witschey is seeking a jury trial and a variety of damages, including the costs of the funeral and litigation, along with punitive and general damages.

Allegedly Hospital Negligence

In another case involving a rehabilitative care facility, a lawsuit has been filed relating to the death of a man following a short-term stay.

The man died at Somerton Center in Philadelphia after residing in the facility from May to November 2015. He was admitted to the center for aftercare following several hospitalizations following a fall and resulting paralysis in 2014.

During his time at Somerton Center, the deceased man developed a variety of additional medical conditions, including urinary tract infections, dehydration, malnourishment and ulcers, the lawsuit states. In addition, the plaintiff alleges that the center negligently treated the conditions, causing the health of the patient to continue to deteriorate.

The death certificate for the man lists his cause of death as sepsis and failure of multiple organs. The plaintiff in the lawsuit is seeking compensatory damages of more than $50,000.

Inmates Sue Over Substandard Care

Inmates at the Idaho State Correctional Institution allege that prison officials have violated a settlement plan established in a long-standing lawsuit over medical care. The violations have led to amputations, along with other severe injuries and the deaths of some prisoners, legal documents allege.

The prison is the oldest in the state and includes more than 1,400 beds along with special units for individuals who are disabled, elderly or suffering from chronic illnesses. In the latest legal filings, inmates allege that negligent care of injuries such and blisters and bedsores resulted in amputations. In addition, the lawsuit states that some inmates with serious disabilities were left without water and were not given food regularly.

In addition, the inmates allege that prison personnel ignored an inmate with pneumonia until he died of sepsis after developing a flesh-eating infection. The inmates want a judge to rule that the state is in contempt of court and issue fines of more than $24 million against the Idaho Department of Correction.

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