Cyclist Struck By A Car In Key Biscayne Suffers A Fractured Hip

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2017 | Bike Accidents

We are sorry to report that yet another cyclists was injured while riding his bicycle in Key Biscayne.  The only saving grace is that the injuries while serious, were not fatal.

As reported by Channel 10 news, Anthony Napoliello, was riding his bicycle in Key Biscayne when a driver made a left turn and  struck him.

Napoliello fractured his hip and suffered several injuries due to the impact.

Visit Key Biscayne on any given day and you will see a parade of cyclists riding up and down the Key.  The opening of mountain bike trails has further increased cycling activity in and around Key Biscayne.  Despite multiple bicycle accidents and fatalities,  the Mayor and County have yet to make the promised changes to increase safety.

Rarely is there any police presence  to monitor the speed of motorists who drive and pass cyclists at highway speeds.


As members of the cycling community and bicycle accident lawyers we  wish Anthony a speedy recovery.

As a brief aside it is very important for cyclists to purchase uninsured motorist coverage.  To that end, bicycle accidents usually result in serious injuries.  Unfortunately, most drivers in Miami-Dade do not carry bodily injury liability coverage, or if they do, the limits are rarely sufficient to compensate the injured cyclists for his/her injuries, medical bills, lost wages, etc.

Uninsured motorist coverage will provide the added protection in the event that the at fault driver does not have insurance or if the limits are not sufficient.

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