Symptoms of Nerve Damage After an Accident

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After a car crash or other accident, sometimes the most serious injuries are the ones that cannot be seen. In addition to the obvious signs of injury – cuts and lacerations, bruises, broken bones, etc. – you may have also suffered nerve damage. “Nerve damage” is a general, catch-all term that can encompass a variety of injuries to various parts of the nervous system. Some of these injuries can be minor and may heal with time; however, it is far more common that nerve injuries can leave an injured person with long-lasting or even permanent damage. In all cases of nerve damage, quick diagnosis and treatment of the damage is essential to minimizing the consequences.

How to Know if You Have Nerve Damage

A broken bone protruding from the skin tells you that you have a broken bone; an open wound that bleeds tells you that you have a cut. But because of the nature of our nervous system, one has to pay attention to certain symptoms to determine if nerve damage exists.

If you have any of the following symptoms following a collision or accident, be sure to seek immediate medical attention. These are symptoms of severe nerve damage and need to be addressed right away:

  • Extreme back pain;
  • Pressure in the neck, head, or back;
  • Weakness, paralysis, or poor coordination in any part of the body;
  • Numbness, tingling (a “pins and needles” sensation), or a loss of sensation in your hands, feet, fingers or toes; and
  • Loss of bladder control.

The following symptoms can also be signs of nerve damage and should be promptly evaluated by a doctor:

  • Muscle weakness or pain;
  • Twitching or uncontrollable muscle movements; and
  • Increased skin sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.

Sometimes nerve damage may exist even if there are no symptoms. After an accident or crash, it is always a good idea to get evaluated by a medical professional as soon as possible.

Treatment for Nerve Damage

Most cases of nerve damage are progressive, meaning that the more time that elapses, the more severe the damage becomes. That is why prompt diagnosis and treatment is so important. In some cases, nerve damage cannot be completely healed. Instead, the symptoms of nerve damage are addressed through medications and physical therapy. Costs for medications and physical therapy for nerve damage can quickly accumulate. Furthermore, nerve damage may affect what work you can or cannot do, resulting in a potential loss or reduction in income.

Compensation for Nerve Damage

If you suffer from nerve damage because of the carelessness of another person, the Miami personal injury lawyers of Kaire & Heffernan, LLC can help you recover compensation for your medical bills and expenses, including costs for your medications and physical therapy. We have helped numerous collision andaccident victims recover compensation for their injuries. If you are no longer able to work or cannot work at the same job at which you previously worked, damages may be available to offset the reduction in your income.Contact Kaire & Heffernan, LLC today.


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