State Farm Insurance Company Refuses To Pay Claims

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2014 | Bike Accidents

Maybe State Farm Insurance company should stop spending so much money on those commercials, and start paying claims. In the last year State Farm has made some of the most ridiculous offers I have ever scene. They are violating the cornerstone of Insurance contracts, and placing their interest ahead of their insureds.

In cases filed against them by their insured’s(Uninsured Motorist Claims) they are pulling out all the stops are trying to void coverage for failure to cooperate. Thankfully the Florida Supreme Court recently put the brakes on State Farm’s tactics. The court ruled against State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., stating a policyholder does not forfeit benefits by failing to attend a compulsory medical examination unless the failure caused a material breach, and if the material breach causing prejudice is alleged, it’s up to the insurer to prove it. Good luck with that State Farm!!!!

The next step is to extend the holding to EUO’s(Examinations Under Oath). State Farm likes to interrogate their insured’s during these EUO’s and will try to void coverage if their insureds fail to appear. Of course the EUO is nothing more then harassment and an intimdation tactic.

If you’re in the market for insurance, don’t fall for the commercials. Call and ask any personal injury lawyer in Miami which insurer they would recommend, and I dare say you will not get many that recommend state farm.

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