Cyclist Who Sustained Severe Head Injury, Still Runs Risk OF Developing A Pneumothorax

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Juan Mauricio Soler, a professional cyclist was hospitalized with severe brain injuries and multiple fractures following a crash during the Tour of Switzerland. Soler crashed in the sixth stage at the Swiss tour last week after he lost control of his bike and crashed into a wall. Thankfully he is now out of immediate danger, but the risk of developing a pneumothorax remains. Soler was placed into an induced coma, and now the team doctor, Dr. Alfredo Zuniga said Soler is showing encouraging signs of improvement.

“It can be said that the life-threat has disappeared. He has begun to make light movements and tests seem to rule out spinal injury, although we should be aware of further studies,” Zuniga said in a Movistar communiqué.

“Now we have to see the evolution of a possible neurological damage, a process in which we must be patient,” he continued. “The cerebral edema is subsiding, the intracranial pressure is declining and the development of pneumothorax is also positive. Mauricio is still in the intensive care unit and he will stay there for several days”.

As noted, the long term neurological consequences are still unknown. However, of concern when you suffer a injury from a bicycle crash is a pneumothorax.

A traumatic pneumothorax is a common cycling injury that is caused by a broken rib that tears your lung.

In addition to a traumatic pneumothorax, Soler is also at risk of developing a tension pneumothorax. A tension pneumothorax is a complete collapse of the lung. It occurs when air enters, but does not leave, the space around the lung. Any condition that leads to pneumothorax can cause a tension pneumothorax. There is conflicting literature as to whether mechanical ventilation can cause a tension pneumothorax.

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